Saturdays, June 1-October 26 from 10:00 am-1:00 pm | Levee Parking Lot-Pomeroy, OH

Meet our Board

Laura Grueser



Sam Rife


Vice President

Sam lives in Meigs County with his wife Stephanie who home-schools their 4 daughters, and they run an environmentally-friendly, small greenhouse business specializing in medicinal plants & herbs called Back to Eden. A musician and worship leader at their church, he also has an Associate’s degree in Advanced Building Technology.

Dixie Hawthorne


Secretary + Treasurer  

Maureen Burns



Stephanie Rife



Stephanie is a business owner of Sevenfold Book Art in Meigs County.  She is a proud mother of four beautiful and bright daughters, and is currently homeschooling three of her children.  She is married to her best friend, fellow board member Sam Rife.  The entire family is passionately dedicated to their church and community alike.  Stephanie and Sam both strive to foster servant hearts in their children.  They do so by leading by example through their endless hours of service to the community they call home.

Meet our Staff

Chris Hamm


Market Manager

Chris is a resident of Meigs County, and is excited to serve the area he calls home!  Chris has been involved with and in agriculture his whole life.  As a farmer himself of Hamm Valley Farms, he believes in good, wholesome and clean food for all.  He looks forward to working with the area farmers to bring this goodness to the public.  To learn more about Chris or the market he can be reached at the following contacts:

(740) 416-5893

(304) 807-7741

Stephanie Rife


Artisan Manager

Stephanie is a true asset to the market for the reasons that she is a champion for Meigs County and is well versed in the skill craft of art and gardening.  As a fellow artist, Stephanie is passionate and informed about the craft that is creating beautiful pieces of art.  She is ecstatic for there to be a venue for  local artists to be able to have their wares showcased and available for the public to acquire.  Stephanie  too is knowledgable in gardening.  She considers herself an herbalist, and uses her plants for food, medicine, and healing purposes.  For that reason, she is thrilled that the market will enable small farmers the ability to sell their produce, all the while allowing the community to have access to fresh healthy produce. 

Ciara Martin


Media Manager

Ciara is the Project Director for the Creating Healthy Communities Program at the Meigs County Health Department.  Through this program, the grant has helped to fund and implement the Meigs County Farmers' Market.  Ciara obtained her Master's of Public Health Degree in 2018, and is passionate about addressing the health disparity of food insecurity through her efforts with the market.  Ciara is an Appalachian native who was born and raised in Athens County, OH, but is ecstatic to be working in the great County of Meigs!